As an intuitive and soul inspired business woman, I find myself often making changes in my business.

And I am 100% okay with that.

Very recently, I made a big one and that was changing the name from B.B. Photography (BBP) back to Chasing Dreams Photography (CDP). I could go on about the history of CDP and how it came about in 2016, but I’ll spare you for the moment. I’ll write a post about that some other time (maybe or not).

For now, just know that CDP was the love child of me and my husband, Eric and came about when we got married. We continued with this until roughly 2021, when I changed the name to Freedom Fotography (dumb move) and 2022 when I got a small business grant and decided to branch out into a newish venture of B.B. Photography (not a dumb move, but my heart wasn’t quite there).

Now, mid 2023, I have elected to not only revert back to the O.G. CDP, but also, I am in the process of converting the LLC to a charitable low profit LLC (L3C).

I don’t regret BBP at all, but I must be true to myself. I learned much in the year or so that BBP existed. One of my biggest take aways was that I came to fully understand that I am a “photographer” not a “boudoir photographer”. I was finding that my identity as a photographer was being improperly mischaracterized as boudoir only. I want to be quite clear that I have zero issue with true boudoir photography. In fact, I love it. However, that’s not all that I do.

As photographers, we are so often encourage to pick a niche and stick with one genre. While I certainly have specialties, this is damn near impossible for me. I will never be able to stop wandering quietly in nature with my camera or setting up my (or someone else’s) kids for a great shot, as much as I will never stop loving weddings and couples and business branding.

That being said, I have discovered a need.

Many people say how empowering their boudoir session was and that they would recommend it to every woman out there. I, myself, have made the same statement and I stand by it.

However, I believe it goes a step further.

In 2016, I did an engagement session with a delightful couple. One day I will blog this session (add it to the list of things I have to blog). I thought the session was enjoyable and by the end, they were brimming with joy and big smiles all around.

Later, I got a message from the bride, thanking me. She explained that her fiancĂ© wasn’t normally very affectionate and while she loved him, the lack of physical affection had impacted her deeply in their relationship. During the session, she had more affection from him than she had in years and she was in tears and ever grateful.

These words stayed with me.

Fast forward to now, and the literal things clients have said to me:

“Thank you so much for the session! I know some photographers wouldn’t even think to take me on because I’m too big.”

“I had no idea I looked like this! Thank you so much!”

“You have changed the way I look at myself.”

“We had so much fun! Can’t wait for our next one!”

“I hate the way I look but I trust you.”

“I’ve always hated the way I look, even though I’m not…fat.”

“I’m self conscious about what I look like, so I’m nervous to take photos.”

All of these and more got me thinking over the years.

While there is plenty of documented research about photography being therapeutic for the photographer, I have yet to find any studies or data about how therapeutic a photo shoot can be for the client, though, my own eyes have seen it time and again. I KNOW it to be a thing.

I know many women personally who do not love their bodies and so many mothers who fell apart during pregnancy and it continued into postpartum and beyond. Many single mothers struggling, and domestic abuse stats are off the charts, while chronic disease plagues our country like never before. Historically and presently, women are always facing insane issues.

I’m working on the business plan for Chasing Dreams Photography, a low profit llc, where the main mission is roughly:

To bring awareness to struggles that women face and to uplift and inspire them through empowerment photography and related photography projects.

With Eric recently accepting and starting a new job, I find myself unable to schedule new sessions until at least fall, and with a good amount of time on my hands, but also, facing a future where photography will not have to pay the bills.

I’ve been thinking about making it a charitable business for several years. I remember first pondering this when we still lived in Rhode Island, one day driving up Maple Ave in Newport while delivering pizza. A problem/habit I have is that I love doing photoshoots so much that I will compulsively do them on a whim and usually for free (I don’t know if I should call this a problem…). I’ve always been like that. So, I am going to take that energy and harness it and channel it a bit differently – mainly through photo projects.

Now is the time.

There are a lot of things to work out and get in place but I have begun the process. After years of mulling over it, I’ve decided to go for it. Things may change, ideas may evolve and I’m here for it.

For now, I am following where I believe spirit is leading, and chasing my dreams.

Chasing Dreams Photography, a charitable business.

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