Chasing Dreams Photography has been through many evolutions over the years, and as of 2024, it has officially turned its sights to being a more charitable organization. 

Mission: To bring awareness to the struggles that women face and to uplift and inspire them through related empowerment photography.

I started photographing people for fun when I was 16, in 1999. Maybe that was my own haphazard way of healing myself after a tumultuous childhood and a trip to juvenile corrections. 

I learned during my time incarcerated how important photos could be – how a singe photograph could literally see you through the dark. Indeed, I had a photo of the back of my crush’s head. Completely insignificant, yet enough to sustain my tortured, love sick teenage heart for 9 months. 

After that, I carried an instant camera everywhere. My bedroom wall was tiled with 4x6s, chronicling my life. 

I learned early the worth of a photograph. 

As I took to photography in earnest in 2010, I quickly began to understand the therapeutic value of the photo session itself. 

In 2011, I organized a picture party with a few friends. I will never forget how awesome that party was – drinks and food, and the living room strewn with our “potluck” of props, accessories and outfits. Less than two months later, one of those friends passed away and we were left with aching, bittersweet memories and glossy snapshots of her genuine smile and laughter. I watched her husband cry over them and hold them to his chest, whispering between tears, “My beautiful wife.” 

I used to think that a boudoir session was the only way to experience an empowering photo shoot (no doubt, boudoir sessions are ah-mazing!), but when we started covering weddings and couples in 2016, I realized that empowerment and inspiration can happen there, too. A photo shoot can facilitate connection between people in a way that life cannot. 

I began to feel that I wanted to share photo shoots with the world. I started to dream about a non profit where I could make the experience accessible to all. I found I had trouble hiding so much creativity and connection and healing behind a pay wall. 

Almost whenever I would mention it, I would get scoffed at – “You have to make money!” or “Charge what you’re worth!” I don’t disagree and by all means! 

But…it wasn’t the way I wanted to do it. 

After years of mulling over it and doing what everyone ese thought I should do, Chasing Dreams Photography is now officially a charitable organization – a low profit LLC or an L3C.

The mission is (in short) to offer an inspiring and freeing experience to women and empower them in their struggles. We use photo projects to raise awareness about commonly misunderstood issues and offer a reduced rate on regular photo sessions for those who qualify for scholarships. 

Your photo session is a place where you can be free, be silly, be glamorous, be raw and emotional. I believe this experience can be an amazingly therapeutic outlet, for both client and photographer. Surely, nothing quite compares to the good feels you have at the end of a great session! 

I (sometimes we) am available for portrait and wedding sessions in southern Vermont and beyond, as well as our various photo projects. I shoot colorful, dynamic, directed and candid. I LOVE moody black & white, also! 

I hope we can form a mini friendship throughout the process.


Mary (& Eric)

Chasing Dreams Photography L3C

Portrait & Wedding Photographers Based in Southern Vermont


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