Seasons of Mental Health

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Dear friends,

Due to the myriad of circumstances in my personal life, I am pausing CDP for a time. Firstly, I find myself needing to tend to my mental health. PTSD has been a steady accomplice on this path and requires that I be ever healing and molding myself – like clay, I suppose.

I will never stop doing photography forever , but for now, I am needing to be more introspective as opposed to outwardly engaging. I’ll be honest that I am noticing much anxiety before sessions, which is difficult because I love my clients and love the shared experience. This is part of PTSD, however, and I am learning to navigate and overcome it.

I have found over the years, that I sometimes need to step back and evaluate where I’m going and how I am doing and how this pertains to my business. Honestly, I struggle (additionally) a lot with photography being a “business” as opposed to one of my favorite, creative and healing outlets.

I will return in a new season of life, when I am ready, hopefully with a renewed sense of purpose and a better head on my shoulders.

For now, all the love and thank you for your continued support of Chasing Dreams Photography!

Love, Mary

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